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September 19, 2013 Meeting

Speaker-Martha Haydel

The next meeting of the Texas Heritage Society will he held on September 19, 2013 at 6:30 pm, the third Thursday of the month, in the administration building at The Forum, 1555 W. Panther Creek Drive in The Woodlands, Texas.

Martha Haydel's talk will be about "Spanish Texas--Visionaries and Builders." Martha will share with us the contributions of her Texas ancestors from the 1700s to the present day. Through their work, their hopes and dreams, they helped to build this state where we now live. That is an on-going effort.

Some of their involvements include: 

·       Founded the city of San Antonio, 1731 

·       Built San Fernando Cathedral, completed 1738 

·       Established the first civil government in Texas (province) 

·       Raised cattle throughout the centuries 

·       Planned and dug irrigation system in San Antonio  

·       Supported the American Revolutionary War against England (cattle) 

·       War of Independence from Spain 

·       War of Independence from Mexico 

·       Signed the Texas Constitution  

·       Survived the Battle of the Alamo 

·       Confederate War between the States 

·       Served in the city government of San Antonio & operated businesses 

·       Worked in the leather industry  

·       Supervised saddle-making under government contract during WWll 

·       Operated one-man saddle and leather shop 

·       Established local youth rodeos 

·       Became rodeo calf roper 

·       Teacher, businessman, psychologist 

·       Advocate for Texas History!


THS September 19, 2013 Meeting

September 19, 2013 Meeting at The Forum

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Martha Haydel Makes History Presentation

Martha Haydel Makes History Presentation



Photos Courtesy of Pat Spackey