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Drawing the Black Beans

Texas History Stories, Chapter 10, Page 177

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Page 177




   Scarcely two months after the fall of the Alamo, Santa

Anna was a prisoner in the hands of General Houston.

The last Mexican had been driven from Texas soil, and

Texas was free.

   Peace like the gentle dew from heaven, settled down

upon the country. No longer was heard the tramp of

marching men; no longer the sound of of hurrying feet, fly-

ing from a foe that knew no mercy; no longer the angry

cannon's roar boomed over the prairies; no longer the

battle shout affrighted peaceful vales.  Once more de-

serted homes were filled with life and light.  Once more

the plough and sickle brought abundant harvest.  Hap-

piness returned to the hearts of the people.  But their

troubles were not yet over.

   On his promise not to fight Texas any more

Santa Anna was set free.  In a few years he became em-

peror of Mexico.  He now forgot his promise and sent an

army of twelve hundred men under General Woll to take

San Antonio.

   Early one Sunday morning in 1842 the people were

startled from their beds by the roar of cannon.  They


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